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Judiciary Litigation


We offer services to challenge the fines incorrectly imposed by the Federal Economic Competition Commission or the Federal Telecommunications Institute, either by the delay in compliance or for supposed non-compliance of orders issued by such authorities related to requests of information, subpoenas and dawn raids.

We also provide representation in trials before the Federal Courts for the protection of the fundamental rights of our clients, when the administrative authority applies unconstitutional laws or when said laws have been wrongfully interpreted and applied. Furthermore, we provide representation services to economic agents that have the legal standing of interested third parties in such trials. 

We offer counseling and representation services in trials involving damage claims derived from monopolistic practices or illegal concentrations. Although the incidence of these cases has been low since the competition law became into force, with the reforms issued on August 2011, in which the exercise of collective actions is regulated, as well as the constitutional and legal reforms of 2013 and 2014, it is expected for the activity regarding this matter to increase.

Cartel conduct may involve criminal liability. Our plus 20 years of experience in competition and antitrust law gives us a broad knowledge of the theoretical and practical issues related to this conducts and our firm has seriously studied the implications of the criminalization of these practices, which, together with our strategic alliances with the best criminal law firms in the country, makes us the best choice for counseling and representation in this kind of matters.

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